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SW1 Fitness Bespoke Small Group HIIT, Reformer Pilates And Personal Training

SW1 Fitness is an exclusive small group training concept based in the heart of Westminster, a short walking distance from Victoria and Westminster Station. With only 3 people per session, our instructors give each student individual adequate care and attention so you can get the most out of your session.

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We aim to make every session a challenge. Different spring options on the Reformer machine allows for all levels to work to their maximum ability. With challenge comes change, improvement and results.

Spinal Mobility

Due to long hours at the desk or driving our spine is becoming incredible stiff causing many of us suffer from back problems. We aim to mobilise the spine to help reduce back pain and improve movement.

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Support and Guidance

With only 3 people maximum per session, we offer the best support and guidance available. Small group training means the instructor is able to pay each individual attention maximising your workout and reducing the risk of injury.

Want To Try Reformer Pilates?

A small focused class designed to challenge you. We believe in all the core principles of Pilates and aim to incorporate them into exercises in a controlled and stable manner. Classes are a great full body workout with lots of instruction and guidance.  Beginners classes are slower in tempo and focus on mobilising and stretching the body.

Benefits of Sw1 Reformer Pilates:

Good workout with a good stretch
Great for posture and injuries
Improve your core strength and stability
Tone your whole body

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What Our Clients Say

“Great challenging class with attention to detail, it helps massively with my stiff back and has improved my quality of life.”

– Mike Carter, Daily Mail


“The classes have helped to improve my balance and stability for participating at a high sporting level. I’ve also noticed improvements in my core and general strength.”

– Cy Goddard, Tottenham Hotspur Youth Team