Growing up in London you soon realise it’s a fast paced city, people are rushing around, time is low and we are constantly looking for time efficient ways to do things with exercise being no exception. Here are free reasons why London has fallen in love with reformer pilates:

1. Celebrities Do Reformer Pilates

Michelle Obama, Madonna, Hugh Grant are just a few of the celebrities that are rumoured to love Pilates. Benefits including a longer, leaner and more toned version of yourself delivering a body that looks great for the camera. There’s no surprise that more and more Pilates studios are popping up all over London

2. Fast Results

Anyone who has participated in Reformer Pilates will tell you how much more effective it is in comparison to Mat Pilates. The carriage on the Reformer can dramatically change and intensify stretches and exercise. This makes it great for people who want to see results FAST.

3. Injury Rehab

Busy London means there is less and less time to look after ourselves. Often people are sitting at desks for many hours a day or training muscles that only look good for Instagram or Facebook. This often means neglecting muscles that are actually important for day to day function and posture. Reformer Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for Londoners as it’s great for targeting the important neglected muscles but also feels like a workout so you get the sense of achievement after a class.

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