Squats are great for working all the large muscles in the lower body. However squating on the reformer adds a whole new dimension. By using heavy springs and keeping the carriage apart your outter hip and glutes need to engage, promoting glute activation which plays a key role in knee and lower back health. A light spring the squat, the aim changes to stability. Inner thighs need to work and hips need to remain stable to perform the movement.

Side Planks

Side planks are great for shoulder stability and obliques. On the Reformer a havier spring can be used to work on shoulder stability. A lighter spring is used to challenge more obliques. As the carriage moves you can add new dimensions to exercises such as side pikes or moving the carriage forwards and back.


Lunges are a functional movement and great for sport performance, however due to the weight placed on the front many people have poor form resulting to a higher risk of injury. A reformer can assist a lunge with a heavy spring as the resistance on the carriage will support the joints.A light spring on yhe carriage will mean participants need to use more balance and stability to perform the movement.

Press Ups

Press ups are great for upper body and core, it works many muscles together making it a functional movement. Reformer will add the stability aspect to the press up. You shoulders and core need to work to keep the carriage in still. You can also add different core exercises such “pikes”  to increase core engagement.