You’ve made the positive decision to take the next step on your fitness journey and work with a qualified professional who will coach you towards goals.

The guidance of a personal trainer (PT) will keep you more motivated and accountable when it comes working out furthermore, you are much more likely to reach your targets.

However, in an industry with little regulation there is a fine line between choosing the correct PT for you….and simply throwing your money away! A “Personal” PT should be just right for you and it’s simply not “a one size fits all situation.”

Here are 5 Things to consider when choosing the PT for you!


This is really important. What motivates you? Do you need an empathetic PT or a bootcamp style PT who will push you to your limits? It is extremely important you can build a good working relationship with your PT to ensure continued motivation and enjoyable sessions. You wouldn’t spend time with someone you dislike outside of the gym so you are even less likely to pay for a PT you dislike!!


All PT’s must hold at least a REPS level 3 qualification or equivalent. Another factor to consider may be Fitness related degree and other relevant courses which will add value to your sessions.


I personally believe PTs who have previous sporting experience and have been coached from grassroots have an advantage over “new kids on the block.” Also it is important to know how long a prospective PT has been in the industry so you ensure you are paying for quality and in depth knowledge.


If you’re looking for something specific for example training for the marathon — you’ll want to work with a PT who specialises in running and not bodybuilding. Expertise in a desired area will allow for a more specialised programme and better end results.

Location and Time

Are you willing to drive 20 minutes across London, or do you need something within walking distance of work so you can train at lunch? Do you prefer to train in the evenings? Whatever your preference and In order to maintain a sustainable programme it’s important you find a PT or studio which is convenient to your diary!

SW1 Fitness is perfectly based in between Pimlico and Westminster. All our PT’s have a huge passion for the industry and a combined over 20 years industry experience. If you have a new goal, get in touch today!