Small Group Training (SGT) at SW1 Fitness consists of a maximum of 3 people. SGT has really grown in popularity over the years as consumers look for smarter ways to train and stay motivated. Many people struggle to train alone and rely on a Personal Trainer to stay in shape but for most access to a Personal Trainer is a luxury.

Here are 5 reasons you should join one of our SGT Reformer Pilates or HIIT sessions at SW1 Fitness:

Save Money – Receive the motivation personal attention and support of a personal trainer but for a third of the cost. We have identified that personal training is still a luxury so why not access expertise for less money.

Social – People love to exercise together and Market research has shown you are more likely to work harder in a peer group.

Fun – Training in a small group or with friends is fun and interactive. Often training alone can be un-inspirational and boring which leads to inevitably dropping off from your programme.

Results Driven – Your session will be focused towards your end goals just like a personal training session. Get more from your workout in less time.

More Focused Attention Than A Class – Many classes offer a generic, non focused workout where the instructor doesn’t remember your name. In a Small Group sessions are specific to your needs and prescribed to maximise results.

Training at SW1 is a unique Fitness experience. We offer tailored Reformer Pilates and HIIT sessions which challenge you to be your best every time and at the fraction of the cost of traditional Personal Training. Our passionate Personal Trainers ensure each SGT sessions is a varied workout leaving you feeling energised and zest book a session today