What  changes  have  you  noticed  in  your  body? 

Whole Body is more toned, stronger, flexible and I have abs now which I have never had before!

I have quite shapely legs and I always found it difficult to find an exercise to tone my inner thighs, but now since starting Pilates my inner thighs are much more toned due to targeting smaller muscles.

How  has  the re former  benefited  clients? 
Clients are feeling stretched and relaxed after sessions. Although the sessions are tough there is focus on the stretch and spinal mobility in every session.

Many clients with injuries see major improvements with 1:1 Pilates.

Would  you  recommend  a  client  to  attend  a  class  for  rehabilitation? 

It depends on the injury and the individual client.

I would always recommend to a 1:1 or a small class for a more personalised workout, close observation and guidance is key in Pilates.

Most injuries are caused by muscular imbalances and the way we move causes these imbalances. Pilates stresses pelvic and spinal alignment, which is critical in getting us to move the way we are supposed to in order to avoid further injury.

Would  the  reformer  benefit  any one  in  particular? 

I think the reformer is great for everyone regardless of age or fitness level What is wonderful about the reformer is that it is fantastic for therapy and overall fitness.

I have taught young people in their teenage years to assist with flexibility in gymnastics to elderly people in their 80’s, who needed low impact gentle exercises .

The exercises on the reformer can be adapted to meet individual needs through changing spring level and modifying each exercise.

The reformer is particularly great for older clients because it is a relatively light resistance as opposed to heavy weight gym equipment that can be too much for them, leading to injuries.

Why  do  you  think  the re former  is  becoming  more  popular? 

Reformer is a whole new way of exercising that not only supports you in movements but could be made harder with a change of a spring in the same movement, It is great for posture but also a good hard workout.

For me not only does my body feel and look great, but my mind and body connection has changed. I take what I learnt in Pilates into my daily life through movement and awareness.

If you could sum up 4 main benefits of the reformer, what would they be? 

  1. Great fun workout
  2. Builds core strength
  3. Improves posture and flexibility
  4. Work out those small but important muscles and ligaments

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