Relieving stress is one of the many benefits of Pilates. I notice this particularly immediately after a class as clients feel stretched, relaxed but at the same time a good workout. This is no coincidence, Joseph Pilates was very smart with the principles of Pilates and relieving stress is a key component in injury rehab and prevention.

How Pilates reduces stress


At the start of each class I get my clients to focus on breathing and what happens to the body when you breathe. Learning to breathe deep and controlled creates a relaxing sensation in the body. This reduces your heart rate and decreases blood pressure. There is also an increase supply of oxygen to the brain releasing “feel good” hormones which help overcome stress and anxiety.

Clear your mind, take time out:

So much is going on in our lives today, family, work , financial worries, the list goes on. Our attention is pulled all over the place making it hard to focus and maintain a sense of peace and calm.

In my classes I slow the movements down, they can still be dynamic however it is slow and controlled. I get my clients to think about the movement, the muscles they can feel all while controlling their breath at the same time.


Pilates is different to any other exercise, its not just about pushing through, feeling the burn, getting as many reps as you can. You need to focus on each movement with intention and awareness.  This is a skill to learn and helps you to stay focused, present and manage seemingly stressful situations.

 Adding Pilates to your exercise routine will take your physical wellbeing to another level.